What is this course about?

This class is dedicated to storytelling, to be precise, skill of telling stories with images. You will learn about basic principles of storytelling and what parts of your story should be emphasized in order to make it look attractive. The class will show you how to separate important from unimportant and how to arrange your composition the way your story reads the best. You will also learn how to maximize use of space in your scene and angles of view to amplify perception of the story. The class will teach you about importance of silhouette and light for your scene. You will learn how to tell stories with characters and inanimate objects and how you can, using these tools, influence emotion state of your audience.
The course consists of  7 weeks и 14 weekly assignments.

Who is this course made for?

This course will suite not only professional illustrators, but also all those who might want to learn to deliver their ideas to the audience in a clear and sound way. Skills acquired during this course can be used in a very wide spectrum of visual communication fields: from children’s books and editorial illustration to graphic design and even photography. Draftsmanship is not necessary at this course, though the better you draw, the more effective and fruitful your learning process will be.

What WON'T be in this course?

No grades, no technique or draftsmanship requirements. No drawing or character design lessons. No lessons on Photoshop or brushes creation. Use of colors won’t be mandatory either. Only storytelling, only hardcore.

How does it work?

Easy peasy! Every Monday you are going to receive a new video lecture on the current week’s theme. Along with the lecture you’ll be getting two weekly assignments. The assignments are due next Sunday night. Upon receiving your assignments, I am going to check them out and record a personal critique for each one of you. Also, every Wednesday I’ll be holding a live zoom QnA session so you can ask me personally all crucial questions. It’s important to note, that neither your personal style nor your technique will matter during this course. You may draw as you wish. The only thing that matters is your storytelling skills, which is what we are going to learn here😊

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